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Mold Remediation


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There should be a mold remediation and water damage company in Grove, Oklahoma that’s there for you when you need it. One who can do remediation, restoration, and remodeling on request.

That’s us. Safe Home Systems specialists have over 75 years of combined experience in mold remediation and restoration industry. Our home restoration professionals have performed hundreds of jobs across Oklahoma—when you work with us, you’re getting the best.

We’re also a rapid-response company. That means always ready to respond to a restoration emergency, and we schedule free inspections as well for clients for those who think they might need our services. If that sounds like you, reach out to our Safe Home Systems experts today!

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There’s only one way to do our job—the right way. We use the finest materials and employ the best people so that our customers get the top service from the top mold and water damage restoration company in Grove, Oklahoma.

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For top Grove, OK mold remediation, call Safe Home Systems. Our home restoration professionals are experts in their field.

Water Restoration

Sometimes, water gets in the way. Our water restoration services will patch your home up to keep it high and dry.

Mold Remediation

Mold can quickly become a serious health hazard for anyone living in your home. With our quality mold remediation services, it won’t be. 


No home is perfect the first time around. We can help you remodel your current home into the one you want.


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We’re right there for you. Whether you need water restoration in Cleora, or a restoration company in Grove, we’re the superior choice. We’re local, we’re experienced, and we’re there for you, no matter what.

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Mold Remediation in Grove, OK

Mold Testing

There are over 300,000 kinds of fungi, many of which have adapted to surviving indoors. Our Grove mold restoration specialists will combat any fungal infestations before they become a threat to your household health.


Mold Remediation for Grove

Mold remediation is a multi-step process that is designed to keep fungi at manageable levels. It also targets the causes of any mold outbreak in order to prevent it from happening again.

Some areas mold can develop include:

  1. Attics

  2. Furnaces

  3. Crawl spaces

  4. Under sinks

  5. Kitchens

  6. Near chimneys

  7. Wall interiors

  8. Air conditioners below windows

  9. Other obscure/hard to reach places

Note: Not all mold is toxic. Some are relatively benign, and their removal is more of a cosmetic procedure than a health-related one. 

For A-1 mold remediation in Grove and the surrounding area, reach out to Safe Home Systems. Our home restoration professionals have many years of experience in the industry, and we’re ready to help you take care of any mold problems you might be having. Call today!

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Mold Removal in Grove

Mold removal is a process focused entirely on removing mold; this differs from mold remediation, which is more concerned with returning mold to normal and natural levels.

In order to prepare for mold removal, it’s advised that you: 

  1. Prevent yourself from cleaning affected surfaces. This keeps the area fresh for testing.

  2. Wash exposed/infected clothing with hot water and detergent.

  3. If you have pets, find a place for them to stay for a while.

  4. Document the affected areas with photos and videos.

  5. Possibly find your family a place to stay as well. Only more severe cases will require a full relocation.

Keep in mind: full mold removal is impossible—mold spores are almost universally present in any environment, and for this reason, trying to remove them all is a Sisyphean task. But by following proper procedure, mold can be significantly reduced in a home in order to improve air quality and overall quality of life.

When you work with the Grove mold remediation and removal specialists at Safe Home Systems, you’ll have access to home restoration professionals who can take care of your mold problem, no problem. Call today!

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Mold Testing, Grove, OK

Mold testing would be the first step in any mold remediation for Grove homeowners. This process involves taking samples of the air and surface of the affected area (s) in the home in order to determine the spore count, type of mold, and severity of infestation.

Note: According to the EPA, if the mold growth has become visible, there is often no need for testing. However, this testing may be done as part of an initial inspection—if the mold remediator feels it is necessary—or as part of a post-operative sweep, in order to pick up any lingering trace of mold in the area.

It’s often wise to test for mold if:

  1. You’ve recently experienced water damage from faulty piping or a flood.

  2. Purchased a new home.

  3. It’s been a while since the last registered inspection for the home.

For top Grove, OK mold remediation, call Safe Home Systems. Our home restoration professionals are experts in their field, and have a wide range of experience dealing with mold infestations. Reach out today for a free inspection!

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Grove Water Restoration

Frozen/Burst Pipes

When water gets into places it shouldn’t, call the expert Grove water restoration professionals at Safe Home Systems. We’ll make sure the damage is remediated and removed with no trouble at all.


Water Restoration in Grove, Oklahoma

Water restoration is a catch-all term for several types of water damage control: remediation, removal, extraction, mitigation, and flood cleanup:

  • Water remediation is the process of removing contaminants from water. It’s most used to help make sure that water is safe to drink, cook with, and bathe in.

  • Water removal is the process of removing water from an area that has been damaged by water. This can be done using various methods and equipment, depending on the extent of the damage.

  • Water extraction usually refers to the process of removing water from an outside environment, while water removal typically refers to the removal of large amounts of water from a indoor space.

  • Water mitigation is the process of preventing or reversing damage caused by water. This could include water removal, as well as the cleaning and repair process.

  • Flood cleanup is an emergency procedure that involves the extraction of flood water, which is often considered contaminated and can pose a serious health risk, so it is best to hire professional help. 

When you need water restoration in Grove, OK, call Safe Home Systems. Our water restoration professionals have been handling water damage for decades. Give us a call today, and we’ll get your home restored.

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Grove Water Damage Repair

Water damage is designated as damage that occurs before water even reaches the ground, i.e. a frozen/burst pipe.

Flood damage refers to when water enters a structure from the outside after pooling for a significant period of time.

Our Grove, OK water restoration services acknowledge three levels of water damage:

  • Category 1: Also known as “clean” water. It’s free of toxins and sewage, and poses little health risk to humans. It often comes from faulty supply lines, pipes, bathtubs, sinks, and other fixtures.

  • Category 2: This is “gray” water. This water is dirty, and usually originates in sump pump backups, toilets, and washing machines. It may pose a possible threat to human health.

  • Category 3: Designated as “black” water, it is highly contaminated and presents a major threat to the health of anyone who comes in contact with it. Often, this water comes from events like sewage overflow.

No matter the water damage, when you need water restoration in Grove, or the surrounding area, you can count on Safe Home Systems to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Call today!

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Frozen/Burst Pipes in Grove

With the onset of winter, water restoration in Grove encounters a seasonal challenge: frozen and/or burst pipes.

This phenomena is more common than people may think, and often occurs for two reasons:

  1. Pipes are either improperly insulated, or not insulated at all.

  2. They are housed in an indoor space that receives little heat, like a basement, an attic, or crawl spaces.

There are initial indications that a pipe has frozen, such as no water coming from a fixture, frost across the pipes, and a smell, which can result from ice blocking the flow of food and water from a sink or a bathtub.

Note: Never, ever pour boiling water down a frozen pipe. The sudden change in temperature could cause the fixture to break, and you may end up with a thawed and burst pipe instead of a frozen and burst one.

Our Grove water restoration professionals are ready to provide you with preventative or rapid response water restoration services whenever you’re in need. Call today if you need water restoration in Grove!

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Grove, Oklahoma Remodeling Services

Our Grove home remodeling specialists know what it takes to refurbish an old part of your home and turn it into something new.


Remodeling for Grove

The process of remodeling is intensive, and shouldn’t be undertaken without proper planning and an idea as to what the remodel is hoping to accomplish.

Several of the most popular reasons for remodeling include:

It’s often wise to test for mold if:

  1. Altering a space in order to change its use. For instance, turning an old basement into a game room, or expanding on an existing porch in order to turn it into a sitting area.

  2. Improving how a room functions. This is most often common with kitchen remodels.

  3. Refurbishing a room for the better. Oftentimes, this is rarely different than the first step, though a refurbishment is usually more cosmetic and design-oriented, whereas an alteration may be more functional/structural.

If you’ve been hoping to remodel, you’ve come to the right place. Home remodeling in Grove, OK, and elsewhere has never been easier than when you work with Safe Home Systems.

No matter the project, our remodeling experts are ready to help you transform your home’s look, feel, and function into something totally new. Call today!

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